Through Thick And Thin: Singer Talks About Helping Others

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton has explained why he feels compelled to try and aid fellow musicians struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse.

He talks about this on the December 4th episode of the Jonathan Ross Show. During the ITV broadcast (more details at, the songwriter said he became emotional when reflecting on the 2019 biopic, Rocketman, which included depictions of his own struggles with addiction. 
''I had a lot of support when I was will and in rehab,'' Elton remarked. ''You support your friends through thick and thin. I had a lot of support when I went through the thin edge of the wedge and I never forget that.''
As a recovering alcoholic, ''you learn to pass the message on and help people when you can,'' said the 74-year-old. ''You call them up and give them some support. That's what happened to me . . . people were so kind to me.''
Elton also cares about younger artists and uses his Rocket Hour show on Apple Music to ''keep in the loop with new artists'' and provide them with a platform. He still thinks about the beginning of his career when he was championed by more established performers.