Composer Defends ''Maligned'' Music And Explains How EJAF Began

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton recently appeared on the Glitterbox radio show, where he discussed his AIDS foundation, and what prompted him to start it.

''When I got sober in 1990, I decided that I had to do something about the AIDS situation, as I didn't feel like I did enough in the 1980s.''
He admitted taking ''a lof of drugs,'' so was in ''a different world.''
When the entertainer ''gave up all that nonsense,'' he decided to ''do something and give something back.''
He also spoke about dance music, reports, which also has a link to the chat (  
''I love dance music and any chance I get to play it I will. It's a much maligned musical genre and always has been since disco started.
''First thing I do when I have a shower in the morning is listen to dance music. Glitterbox is usually one of the first things I play.''