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Still Tickets For Rapid City Concert, Although This Didn't Initially Seem to be the Case

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton is returning to the Black Hills this fall. So residents lined up at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Friday morning when tickets went on sale.

Craig Baltzer, Executive Director of the Civic Center, says there was a little confusion Friday morning when tickets appeared to be sold out. But, there’s still plenty of options to get tickets to this event.

“I think some people thought we were sold out. When you went online, it felt like none was available. They would put tickets on hold and look for better seats, which held up 16 tickets at a time. It was enough to make people think it was sold out," explained Baltzer.

He adds a concert such as Elton's could bring in significant economic impact to Rapid City. The gig is part of The Final Curtain tour and comes to Rapid City on October 6.

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