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Mother And Daughter Celebrate Getting EJ Mackay Tickets

Written by Chief Editor.

''Oh my God."

Those were the first words from Catherine Tompson's mouth when she heard that a local woman had given her two tickets to the Elton's concert in Mackay later this month.

The Brisbane mother and her daughter were devastated after finding out they had been scammed by ticket scalping Web site ViaGoGo and earlier this week reached out to the Mercury to spread the word.

After reading the article about how the Tompsons had lost thousands and would not be able to see the show, Mackay's Caroline Summers came to the rescue.

Caroline had bought tickets to the concert but could no longer attend due to a trip away, so she decided to give them away.

"I have a teenage daughter myself and I really felt for Catherine," she said.

"I could have sold the tickets but I'd get more out of giving them away."

It was an offer Ms Tompson was not expecting, but could not pass up.

When the Daily Mercury called to let her know the good news yesterday, she said it was the best phone call she had ever received.

"I am absolutely beyond excited. I cannot believe it," Catherine declared.

"I had been pondering it today, should I cancel or should I go and visit Mackay anyway. I thought there might be something on that night that we could go to instead of the concert.

"Until this call, there was still not much hope of going. I just can't believe that somebody would do something so kind.

"I'm going to run in to see my daughter with my arms flailing to tell her. I am going to go and buy some funky glasses today as per the old days of Elton John."

Ms Tompson said she could not thanks Ms Summers enough for her kindness.

"I have never had such a nice thing happen in my whole life, it is just amazing," she said.

"I'd really like to thank this lady, I don't know how. I'd love to meet her. I'm really shocked. It's stunning. What a lovely little world.

"I hope I get the opportunity to pass on the kindness."

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