NZ Fan Loses Hundreds of Dollars in Concert Scam

Written by Chief Editor.

A Hawke's Bay Elton John fan has been scammed of $800 after paying for five tickets for one of his Mission Estate shows next February.

The victim told the Herald she was annoyed that she fell for it, losing $800 in the process.

Grace was one of thousands who missed out when tickets went on sale on the venue's site. So she posted on its Facebook page asking if anyone had any tickets to spare.

That's when the scammer who, according to the profile he used, went by the name "John Bernard," messaged her a week later and said he had tickets available.

He said he had five tickets to sell because he wasn't going to be able to make it to the show," Grace recalled.

"I'm always careful so I looked him up and he seemed legit. He had heaps of friends and what looked like a real page, and he sent through a confirmation email of buying the tickets and I showed it to my husband and some other people and it all seemed in order."

She paid $160 for each of the five tickets.

"It was kind of the fear-of-missing-out feeling that made me think I might as well get them so I did and paid the money. But I started getting suspicious when he kept on pushing me and hounding me saying he hadn't been paid yet when obviously we are with different banks so it would take a day or so.

"A woman messaged me later that night saying she had been scammed by the same person."

Grace said she has contacted police and both her and his bank but nothing much can be done.

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